About Us

Welcome to Crescent Gurukul Limited (CGL) corporate portal, a leading educational organization established in 2008 with a mission to provide quality education to the youth of India. Our roots can be traced back to the initiatives of the Crescent Foundation and Pragati Welfare Society, two non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting positive change in India’s education and health systems.

Crescent Gurukul Limited is a well-known name in the education industry. With its mission to provide job and employment training to the young people of India, the organization has made a significant impact in the lives of tens of thousands of students.

The organization has three existing verticals: Gurukul Universal, Gurukulplex, and Gurukulprep. Gurukul Code Club is in the beta stage that should become available to the learners very soon.

Gurukul Universal is the flagship program that offers job and employment training to students and helps them build a successful career. The program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the competitive job market.


Gurukulplex is an online education platform for students from kindergarten to class 12. This platform provides students with a convenient and accessible way to learn and advance their education. With a wide range of courses and resources, students can access the education they need from the comfort of their own homes.

Gurukulprep is a platform for students and aspirants preparing for competitive examinations. This platform provides students with the necessary resources and support to succeed in their exams and achieve their goals. With its comprehensive curriculum, students can prepare for exams such as the IIT-JEE, NEET, and others with confidence.

Finally, Gurukul Code Club:

The Gurukul Code Club is an initiative by Crescent Gurukul Limited to provide coding and programming education to students of all ages in a fun and accessible manner. The aim of the club is to encourage young people to develop an interest in technology and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the digital world. By making coding and programming accessible and enjoyable, the Gurukul Code Club is working to bridge the skills gap in the technology industry and prepare the next generation of tech leaders. Whether a student is just starting out or has experience in coding, the Gurukul Code Club offers a supportive environment where they can continue to learn and grow.

Crescent Gurukul Limited is a visionary organization that is dedicated to empowering India’s youth. With its mission to provide job and employment training, online education, and exam preparation, the organization is making a positive impact on the lives of students and helping to build a better future for India.

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